Ultimate Deer Data is Changing!

BDS will be moving to an updated version of Ultimate Deer Data (UDD) soon.

All existing active users who signed up from 1st September 2019 will automatically receive 60-day access to the new UDD at no additional charge.

The content of UDD is not changing, but we have rebuilt all the quizzes from scratch and will be moving to a new platform. Sadly, this means we will not be able to update the new system with your current progress.

Once the move has been completed we will be in touch to ask you to create a new password and with login instructions.

If you have any questions or prefer not to be auto-enrolled on our new UDD course, please email education@bds.org.uk 


The British Deer Society Ultimate Deer Data© provides students with interactive multiple choice and visual quizzes plus addition reference information. Ultimate Deer Data© is a valuable student study resource to help develop sufficient knowledge to take DSC 1 assessments.

Once you have registered you will receive your login details. When you log in then under 'Courses' click 'Ultimate Deer Data' which will take you to the course material.

Select a subject from the available quizzes and get started. All the questions in the interactive quizzes are drawn from the current DMQ question banks and are randomly selected in sets of 10 questions for General knowledge and in sets of 20 questions for Large Game Meat knowledge and Deer Recognition.

Questions are randomised every time you repeat each quiz. Your score will be given on completion of each quiz allowing you to note your DSC 1 knowledge and learning development. Continual use of the quizzes will help ensure students are fully prepared for DSC 1 assessment.

Cost Click to select
Ultimate Deer Data £20.00
60 days access to the Ultimate Deer Data course, including quizzes and documentation.